About 1PointUSA

Founded in 2011 by Andrew Scot Muncher, 1PointUSA provides various products and services related to Access, Video Surveillance, and Audio/Video for Commercial Facilities. What began as a narrow menu of services has grown through the years to a broad service offering that includes most any requirement our Customers have. We offer long-term support for all of the products we sell. When you call us; you won't get a call center, but someone who is ready to help. We're here for you.    

Controlled Access helps ensure the security of Data, Personnel, Property, or General Life Safety. We at 1PointUSA understand the criticality of keeping persons from sensitive areas, but we also understand that allowing the right persons access is essential to productivity.  We know the challenges faced by Security Professionals in maintaining controlled access, and look for ways to enable you to manage both effectively.

Commercial Audio-Video quality can set the environment of your business space. For Customers, Visitors, and Employees, the environment should be professional, purposeful, and present the image you want to project for your business.

We will help you design a system to meet your goals, install it, and train your staff to use it.

For your current system, We have years of expertise in maintaining various types and brands of commercial systems.

While Video Surveillance for security seems ubiquitous, acceptable quality isn't. We have years of experience in system design and product knowledge. The products we offer are commercial, yet offer a good value. Be sure that when it counts, you have quality video.  

We offer a host of services that go beyond our core offering. Chances are that if you have a need, we can meet it.