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1PointUSA Thermal Imaging
1PointUSa Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging for Enhanced Security





                                      Moving beyond the “visible light spectrum”, allows a more complete view of what’s happening around your facility. For years some have used Thermal Imaging to discover detail not easily captured by standard security cameras. These thermal cameras are less affected by changes in lighting, and can even deliver detail through dust, smoke, and light fog. They are also significantly less prone to “false alarms” due to automatic motion detection errors which may pick up moving debris blowing about the viewed area.

      Some Thermal Vision cameras offer color video, even in low light. This provides real a real advantage in the event that the color of a vehicle, clothing, or other items lead to help resolve an incident. Additionally, these cameras provide greater detail in black and white video. Offering up to 4K resolution, these cameras become a tangible asset in providing heightened security for your premises.

   Real events vs. false alarms:

Only a small percentage of security alarms are actually real security events according to statistics. The vast number of calls are false alarms. Data from Thermal Cameras help in determining when there is a “real” security risk. This saves time and money, given that many first-responders now charge for false alarms.

   Though the law may vary with authority, there are fines for repeated false alarms, and response may be suspended, depending on how may false alarms are reported with a given time period.





                                        While playing a key role in traditional security, thermal cameras are also capable of detecting elevated body temperatures, indicating where fever is present. This can play a vital role in alerting staff when a possible health threat is presented. Healthcare facilities would especially benefit from this feature, but in today’s close-quarter work environments many offices could realize benefit from knowing that someone with an elevated body temperature is in the work area.

   Application of Thermal Imaging should be carefully considered. Most often, it is incorporated along with existing standard and night vision security camera systems. 1PointUSA has expertise in designing and applying these different security camera formats.

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