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                                 At one time, multi-tenant housing security was as simple as having a doorman at the front entrance. It worked well. The doorman knew the tenants, knew the management, and often had an instinct for who should get into the facility...or not. While this practice is still in play and works well in many instances, tenants have a different level of expectation for their privacy and security.  “Not to mention the ongoing cost of having doormen”.




​                                  Tenants like to think of their housing as a safe place to be, day or night. Knowing who the person is at the front door before they get to the tenant’s door is a matter of convenience; but more importantly, it’s a matter of safety. The tenant building or complex they live in should have the reputation of safety...and live up to that reputation.






                                 As security technology advances with regard to multi-tenant intercom systems; new ways to address the concerns of tenants and management are being introduced to broaden the scope of knowledge beyond front door and parking lot surveillance cameras. Not do diminish the efficacy of these; but to compliment them, now there are systems available to directly address each tenant’s concerns and help in mitigating risk and liability for both them and management.





​                                               There are different ways to address multi-tenant security systems.

  • No security – Poses risk for tenants and management

  • Parking lot, breezeway, and hall surveillance cameras – Malicious events are usually addressed after they happen. At least there is some information to help reconcile past events. But who can watch 24/7/365?

   After someone enters the parking area, then the breezeway, and finally gets to a tenant’s door, the last line of defense is the tenant who is likely unaware who is outside their door. A door viewer is often used, but offers no provision for recording of events for forensic analysis, except for the view from a surveillance camera, which may be located at a distance from the door. Additionally, there is no provision for scheduling credentialed users, or logging events.


Products from 2N, ButterflyMX, and Aiphone available through 1PointUSA deliver the latest available technology designed to be most effective in delivering a personal level to tenant security. These are durable, reliable, and serviceable commercial-grade products.

A short list of features includes:

  • Touchscreens

  • Mobile phone apps

  • On-board recording

  • Graphical reporting for management

  • Credential management

  • Elevator control

  • Connection to cloud based systems

  • PoE (power over Ethernet) connection

  • Call us about other features...

   1PointUSA has been engaged in multi-tenant security systems for a number of years. We would be pleased to discuss your current strategy for multi-tenant security, and how it may be enhanced going forward.

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