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So, you’ve installed security cameras, and have the critical areas of your business captured on security video 24/7/365. That’s great!

   There’s less to be concerned about, since any nefarious activity will likely be captured. Resolution to any events is now within short reach. If properly specified and installed, the cameras will catch views of cars, people with ill-intention, and objects involved in any malicious activity.

1PointUSA ICRealtime


So, let’s say there’s been a burglary event. It happened over the weekend when the business was closed, but the cameras were recording, so you’re likely to have the caught the details on your video server. It’s time to review your security video and verify what occurred while you were away.

  • Time frame: Friday after 5:00 pm through Monday before 7:00 am

  • Possible objects involved: Getaway vehicle, break-in tools, damaged property, and stolen materials

  • Persons involved: Perpetrator, clothing, tattoos, etc.

   You open the security review software, isolate early Saturday am when you think the event may have occurred. After isolating a 4 hour window you drill down, looking for anything suspicious. Nothing so far. With the next 4 hours isolated...nothing...!  Before you’re through, you’ve looked through the entire weekend. Still nothing! But the event must have occurred during the weekend when the business was closed. Who would think of stealing something in plain view during normal business hours? After a few hours of video review, you’re left with no lead on what happened. You know it did happen, but when did it happen and who was involved?

   You begin to review hours outside of the weekend, only to discover that something did happen Friday at 4:47 pm. just before closing. Your counter sales person went to the safe to get change. During their absence, someone who was hiding out in your store, stole the merchandise and made off!

   The security cameras did their job, and so did the video review software. You discovered what happened. But it took hours of video review. What if the review process had taken minutes, rather than hours?

1PointUSA Video Review Software

Things have come a long way!

   Now there is software that enables you to review specific activities around your business within minutes. 1PointUSA provides software from IC Realtime cameras and smartella that allow just that.

In seconds, you can isolate:   

  • Objects

  • People

  • Animals

  • Vehicles

  • Colors

Find what you’re looking for in seconds rather than hours.

  • Use keywords to search surveillance video.

  • Use “any” device, “anywhere”, “anytime”.

This software can provide daily highlights for review based on your preferences. Optical character recognition "OCR" works to search for company names on vehicles. You can receive alerts on “any device”.

1PointUSA Smartella Ella IC Realtime

About the software

                      “ella” is a real-time Search Engine that augments surveillance systems with “natural language search capabilities” across recorded video data. This software uses algorithmic "deep learning tools" to give surveillance or security cameras the ability to recognize objects, colors, people, vehicles, animals and more. “ella” makes every second of video searchable instantly, letting users type in keywords like “white truck” to find every relevant clip instead of searching through hours of video.

“ella” is an open platform for smart video monitoring that can scale from small installations, to thousands of video streams for data centers. It works with all cameras, DVRs, NVRs, and VMSs that support standard H.264 RTSP video streams. It can be purchased with offered by ICRealtime cameras, or retrofitted onto an existing camera setup.


   Prior to this software, surveillance video could be viewed or searched in two ways.

  • 1st, someone could sit in front of monitors, watching video live and monitor for any suspicious or relevant activity.

  • 2nd was to have someone review video data, combing through hours to find and mark relevant clips for review or usage.

Either way could be tedious, time consuming and inefficient.

ella creates an entirely new way to find video data that matters – while it is still capturing streaming camera content, the camera is constantly sending ella images and asking...are these images relevant? What about this? Or this?...

ella uses machine learning and metadata to analyze each image and can recognize when objects, people, cars and activities are relevant, or when they are uninteresting. The relevant activity is captured, stored and tagged in HD and ready to be searched at a moment’s notice.

   This powerful technology has been adapted by the surveillance experts at ICRealtime, and marketed by 1PointUSA to create an effective and unintrusive way to keep people and property safer.

1PointUSA What to expect

About the dealer/installer – what to expect

   1PointUSA installs the ICRealtime box on the camera network. This will allow the software to break down your surveillance video into metadata and send it along to the secure server. The metadata is analyzed by the deep learning engine and transforms it into searchable pieces of information.   

   In as little as an hour, the software is ready to be queried for video clips on your system. You type in the search term, and the software searches and displays relevant images.

Contact 1PointUSA for more information on this remarkable software. We’ll be pleased to discuss how it can help your security surveillance system more effective for you.

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