Conceptual Design

   When you discover a need, there's a good chance you have an idea how to address it based on your personal experience with the way your company operates.

   We want to learn about your need, your facility's security systems strategy, and what you would like to accomplish. It's likely that we won't be an expert in your business. The collateral we offer is years of experience in our field. From older systems and methodologies; to current technology, we will work for you to find the best solution and overall value to meet your needs.  

    We'll leave you with both short, and long term plans in order to help avoid surprises in the future. We can also provide conceptual and final system drawings, and will include data sheets on the equipment used.

   If you have various makes, technologies, and vintages of equipment in your facility, we can help bring coherence and efficiency to your current system through integration.

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